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Characters to separate taxa in Schizodactylidae

absentpresent (in Schizodactylus inexpectatus rudimentary but clearly visible in adult)
general appearance

total body length up to 25 mm, usually less; pale yellowish, sometimes darker brown; eyes kidney-shaped and black (live specimens), ocelli absent; antennae up to 5 times body length; abdomino-femoral stridulatory mechanism (inner ridge on hind femur and oblique rows of tubercles on lateral hind margins of anterior abdominal tergites)

body length 27-36 mm, except for S. inexpectatus wing tips coiled
western southern AfricaAsia Minor to Southeast Asia (species known from Turkey, Pakistan, India, Nepal and Burma)
Comicus Schizodactylus
NOTE: This key block needs additional work by a taxonomist.

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