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Data for specimen record

Current: subspecies Gymnobothrus pullus minutus (Ramme, 1929)
Historical: Gymnobothroides pullus; paratype of subspecies Gymnobothrus pullus minutus (Ramme, 1929); cited by Ramme. 1929. Afrikanische Acrididae. Revisionen und Beschreibungen wenig bekannter und neuer Gattungen und Arten. Mitteilungen aus dem Zoologischen Museum in Berlin. 15:247-492; identified by W. Ramme
Basis of record: not specified
Counts: males 1
Depository: MfN
Data source: not recorded
Other: no data
West-Central Tropical Africa, Zaire: Democratic Republic of the Congo: Lake Kivu, N'Gwese; Modern (is included in map)
Collecting event
[no data recorded]
male, lateral view (paratype of Gymnobothroides minutus)
male, dorsal view (paratype of Gymnobothroides minutus)
male, ventral view (paratype of Gymnobothroides minutus)
labels (paratype of Gymnobothroides minutus)
Ecological relationships      

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