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Data for specimen record

Current: species Asymmetriola spinosa Gorochov, 2010
Historical: Asymmetriola spinosa; holotype of species Asymmetriola spinosa Gorochov, 2010; cited by Gorochov. 2010. New cricket taxa of the subfamilies Phaloriinae and Pteroplistinae (Orthoptera: Gryllidae) from south-east Asia. Proceedings of the Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. 314(2):184-190
Basis of record: preserved specimen
Counts: males 1
Depository: ZIN, St. Petersburg
Data source: not recorded
Other: preparation type, pin
Malesia, Sumatera: Indonesia, Southern Sumatra, Lampung Province, 25 km S of Bintuan [=Bintuhan] town, environs of Tanjung Baru Maje village, low mountains not far from sea, secondary forest.; S 4.833300, E 103.466700; 100 meters; Modern (is included in map)
Collecting event
May 02, 2009 to May 03, 2009; Gorochov, Berezin
Holotype, dorsal habitus
Holotype, oblique posterior view of terminalia
Holotype, ventral view of terminalia
Holotype, dorsal view of phallic complex
Holotype, ventral view of phallic complex
Holotype, oblique ventral view of phallic complex
Holotype, lateral view of phallic complex
Ecological relationships      

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