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Data for specimen record

Current: species Ommatoptera mutila (Vignon, 1923)
Historical: Pseudotanusia mutila; holotype of species Ommatoptera mutila (Vignon, 1923); cited by Vignon. 1923. Troisième note sur les Pterochrozae du Muséum National de Paris. Genre Pseudotanusia nov. gen. Bulletin du Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle. 29:570-576
Basis of record: not specified
Counts: males 1
Depository: NMW, Vienna Museum
Data source: not recorded
Other: no data
Brazil: Espirito Santo; Modern (is included in map)
Collecting event
[no data recorded]
male (holotype)
male left tegmen (holotype)
male mirror (holotype)
male left mirror area (holotype)
male, ventral view (holotype, tegmen length 25 mm), Pl. IV, Fig. 30 (photo Le Charles)
labels (holotype)
male, dorsal view (holotype)
male, dorsal view (holotype)
Ecological relationships      

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