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Grants supporting the Orthoptera Species File

OSF grants funded for 2019:

The OSF grants committee received eighteen applications from thirteen countries (Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Colombia, Germany, India, Pakistan, Singapore, Spain, Tunisia, United States) from which the following proposals were funded (listed below). The proposals were selected based on the amount of data (images, specimen records, etc.) that is expected to be added to the Orthoptera Species File. Consideration of a candidate's expertise was given in addition to the relationship of the proposal to the candidate's taxonomic research project.

  1. Nancy Collins (Wisconsin, USA). Title: Oecanthines of high interest in the United States.

  2. Teixidor D. Hernández, H. López Hernández, & P. Oromí. (Department of Animal Biology, University of La Laguna, Spain). Title: Adding new data on Orthoptera from the Canary Islands to complete the existing data on Species File.

  3. M. Husemann & Lara-Sophie Dey (Centrum für Naturkunde, University of Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany). Title: Digitization and Imaging of Types of Oedipodinae described by Henri de Saussure (Collections in Vienna and Geneva).

  4. Abdelhamid Moussi & Haithem Tlili (University of Biskra, Algeria; University of Cartage, Tunisia). Title: Photographic database of North African Acridomorpha (Orthoptera, Caelifera) type specimens deposited at NHM London.

  5. Slobodan Ivković & Horvat Laslo (Department of Biogeography, Trier University, Germany; Austria). Title: From lowland sands and steppes to alpine grasslands – Taxonomy, bioacoustics and distribution of Orthoptera in Serbia and Montenegro.

  6. Pedro Guilherme Souza-Diaz (Museu Nacional – Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). Title: The Orthoptera Collection at the Museu Nacional, Rio de Janeiro (MNRJ). Reconstruction – stage 1: the Orthoptera from the city of Rio de Janeiro and the lost types from MNRJ.

  7. Tan Ming Kai (Department of Biological Sciences, National University of Singapore, Singapore). Title: Contribution to the species diversity and acoustic data on Orthoptera from Sandakan (Borneo, East Malaysia, Sabah).

Grant application guidelines:

The Orthopterists' Society in cooperation with the Illinois Natural History Survey provides funding for work in support of the Orthoptera Species File.  Members of the Orthopterists' Society are invited to apply.  Applications should be sent to María Marta Cigliano.

Grants are available for a project as defined by the applicant. The project must involve benefit to the Orthoptera Species File. The usual benefit is the addition of images (photographs of the habitus and diagnostic details of type specimens, other reliably identified museum specimens, living individuals in natural habitats), sound recordings, and/or geo-referenced specimen records. Any proposal that solely focuses on fieldwork or other systematic research without direct benefits to OSF will not be considered. Projects may be proposed for periods of one to three years.

Funding availability for 2020 will be will be announced in October 2019. All requested information must be submitted by November 15, 2019 to receive full consideration. The committee will complete its assessment and announce the results by December 10, 2019.

The proposals should include:

  1. Project description (not more than five pages):
    • Title
    • Significance (highlighting the new data that will be added to OSF, preferably to taxa currently lacking images, sound recordings, distribution records, etc.)
    • Objectives, methods and activities
    • Timetable
  2. If applicable, provide summary of the research project related to the proposal
  3. Curriculum vitae
  4. Budget (including justification of trips to museums, fieldwork, equipment, etc.)
  5. If applicable, provide letter of agreement/acknowledgement to work with the collection from the corresponding institution/curator including permission to add the images to OSF.

Proposals from graduate students should include a simple recommendation from their professor or advisor.

Preference will be given in relation to the amount of data added into OSF, i.e. the expected contribution to the considered taxa (dependent on already existing data). A detailed list of the species that are poorly illustrated in OSF and the data that is expected to be added as a result of the grant is highly recommended to be included in the proposal. Preference will be also given to applicants who demonstrate knowledge of the taxa involved. The methods, e.g., techniques for capturing images, will be likewise considered in the evaluation. Also, priority will be given to applicants planning to document and photograph the types of Orthoptera species not yet documented by images in OSF, or who are planning to document the types from museums or other collections not easily accessible to researchers. Applications of curators for support of a qualified student to do this under his supervision will also be considered.

Important: A short financial and tasks report will be required from each grantee once the funding period is finished. The tasks report will be in a format suitable for publishing in Metaleptea.

If the candidate has received an OSF grant in a previous year, the tasks from the previous grant have to be finished and the report approved by the OSF Committee before applying for a new grant.

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