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Grants supporting the Orthoptera Species File

The OSF grants committee received and evaluated fourteen proposals by applicants from fourteen countries
(Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Algeria, Tunisia, Pakistan, India, China,
USA, Brazil, and Argentina). Ten proposals listed below will be funded. They have been selected based on
the amount of data (images, specimen records, sounds, etc.) expected to be added to the Orthoptera Species
File. Also considered were the candidates’ expertise, if the proposal was related to a taxonomic research
project, and the budget.

OSF grants funded for 2020:

1.- Martina E. Pocco (Museo de La Plata, CCT La Plata CONICET-CEPAVE, Argentina)
Title: Extension of the project “Illustrating Neotropical Acridoidea species with emphasis on Romaleinae
in OSF”
2.- Baudewijn Odé, Roy Kleukers and Luc Willemse (Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Leiden, The
Title: Grasshopper sounds on Xeno-canto
3.- Dragan Chobanov, Ionuț Iorgu, Simeon Borisov, Georgi Hristov (Institute of Biodiversity and
Ecosystem Research, Sofia, Bulgaria)
Title: Orthoptera of the Balkan Peninsula and the Carpathian Basin II: a database of digital data in the
Orthoptera Species File
4.- Slobodan Ivković & Horvat Laslo (Trier University, Germany; Elsbethen, Austria)
Title: From lowland steppes to alpine grasslands II – Taxonomy, bioacoustics and distribution of Orthoptera
in Serbia and Montenegro
5. Karmela Adžić, Maks Deranja, Amira Aqilah Muhammad (Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb)
Title: Grasshoppers and Crickets of the Adriatic Islands
6.- Moussi Abdelhamid, Haithem Tlili (University of Biskra, Algeria;University of Cartage, Tunisi)
Title: Photographic database of Western Asia Acridomorpha (Orthoptera, Caelifera) type specimens
deposited at NHM London
7.- Brandon Woo (Cornell University;USA)
Title: Katydid biodiversity and bioacoustics on the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica
8.- Chandranshu Tiwari (University of Delhi, India)
Title: Katydids of India: Documenting the acoustic diversity of katydids from North-East India.
9.- Marie-Pierre Chapius & A. Coeur d’Acier (CIRAD, INRA, CBGP, Montpellier, France)
Title: Providing OSF with range maps, images of diagnostic characters and song records for the two cryptic
species discovered within Calliptamus barbarus (Costa, 1836)
10.- Marcos Fianco (State University of Western Parana)
Title: The Ensifera fauna from Guartela State Park, Parana State, Brazil.

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