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Abstract from Schmidt 2006

Content:  Abstract: A new species of the genus Dnopherula Karsch, 1896 (Gomphocerinae, Acrididae) was collected in Kenya, near Nairobi on grassland under bushes. The fronto-vertical angle of both sexes was much greater than 451 indicating a geophilous behaviour. The tiny insects have short antennae, swollen hind femora, specially in male, and strongly curved spurs on hind tibiae. The fastigium verticis had a parabolic shape, prozona and metazona of pronotum of equal length, median carina straight, lateral carina incurved, pronotal disc constricted, and lateral carina cut by transverse sulculi.

[copied from Zoological Record]

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Date last modified:  Wednesday, October 31, 2007

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